Magellan Management & Consulting

For those who share our passion for the yachting industry dedicated

The story of Magellan in the search of excellence begins in 2007.

For us Magellan means a departure point: it is a place of new beginnings, reunions and exciting journeys.

Just like Ferdinand Magellan became the first explorer, whose expedition sailed around the Earth, Magellan Management & Consulting discovered the unique missing part which makes the picture full and complete.

From the first contact with us you will find out our little secret...

Young and youthfull company

Magellan is for those who share our passion for the yachting industry.
As young men, we have that special energy and daring that will lead you to spice islinds.

Creative solutions

"Death or glory" to us is the same as "differentiate or die" to jack Trout. We believe that this is true to a certain degree; however, a good management company is not just one which gives a quiet impression of a moderate worker, but is recognized by the public for its dynamics an intelligence.

Direct client service

As a privilege of being a small company, we maintain very direct contacts with our clients on an everyday basis.

Flexibility and speed of reaction

We accept the situation in which the client needs the solution "by yesterday".

A different approach

We believe that ideal relations with our clients in the field of management go far beyond the atmosphere which prevails in a privete banking. WE remain loyal to the professional etiquette of our profession, the key to which is our little secret.